Brand Identity
Brand Identity
May 15, 2017
Social Media Management Service
Social Media Management
May 17, 2017
Motion Graphic in ebrand city

Motion Graphic Service

Express your exciting ideas as creative content in an unconventional form.

In E-Brand city we can help you by creating animated videos that help push your content from good to great. We go through the creative process by first generating a brilliant idea. Next we do the heavy work; meticulously drawing and animating the video. Finally we add the finishing touch that makes the whole animation spring to life; recording and syncing the audio.

Incorporating animation into your content and, subsequently, your brand opens your business up to many a competitive advantage. Needless to say, the animations help immensely in managing your brand and positioning it precisely where you want it to be.

Visual content and specifically animation is also proven to increase user engagement and is a great way to spread to new and more eager customers. Additionally it adds to the value your customers get from the content you publish and helps greatly retain customers.